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McAfee is working with policymakers, critical infrastructure sectors, global governments, and others to bring resources to our fight against cybercrime, reduce the risk to our economies, and improve business resillience to today's threats.



Since 1994 Utimaco has been providing lawful interception systems for telecom operators and ISPs and is the preferred LI partner of many of the world’s leading network equipment manufacturers. Utimacos carrier-grade lawful interception (LI) and data retention (DR) systems enable real-time monitoring and long term data retention in public telecommunication networks. The systems interface with essentially all common network technologies and communications services. For more information visit http://lims.utimaco.com

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Forensas is a digital forensics company, dedicated to investigating cyber crimes, providing digital forensic sciences and data recovery training and consultancy, as well as expert witness services. Forensas has the capability to provide computer forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics, audio forensics, multimedia forensics and instant messenger investigation services via up-to-date technology and laboratory facilities necessary for the task. Forensas’ professional and certified technicians are capable of providing fast and accurate results with a valid reporting system intact.

Komtera Information Technologies


Komtera Information Technologies is a value added IT distributor based in Istanbul, Turkey. With a sales and technical support background of more than 10 years, we provide professional products, solutions and services in IT security, data recovery and disaster recovery through our nationwide reseller network reaching thousands of small business and corporate accounts. Sales and marketing of the products and solutions in our portfolio are backed by a specialized technical support team and enhanced via regular technical trainings and workshops. Our solution partners and customers are constantly informed against ever-increasing security threats and other risks that may cause loss and disclosure of vital company related data. Our product portfolio mainly comprises IT security software and hardware. The solutions we distribute have components like anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, anti-spyware, IDS/IPS, UTM, content filtering and URL filtering for small business and corporate customers.



Custom solutions for complex hardware and software needs of intelligence and security sector. BTT Ltd Main Products: Mass Data Analysis Solutions: Please visit:www.bttscope.com CDR Data Retention, Visual Analysis, Relation Analysis. Umbrella Management Systems: Please visit:www.btt-int.com ISO 27001 Security Compatibility Products: Please visit:www.sumgrc.com Network Vulnerability Management, Risk Management Modules, USB Data Security Key Duman Series: Duman NMC : National Monitoring Center Duman Call&Voice Recording Applications Mediation: Lawful interception gateway (Huawei SGSN, NGN, Cisco MIB) Tactical Tools: Off Air GSM Interception Active GSM Direction Finders USB-K CryptoBridge: Please visit:www.usb-k.com Unlimited security for removable media.

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