Keynote Speakers

Roy Shamir


Mr. Roy Shamir joined Cellebrite in May 2013, as Regional Sales Director for the forensics division. He brings to Cellebrite over 15 years of sales experience from various companies including Bezeq INT, CMYK Global and Bynet Data Communication. Roy holds both a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Martin Stange
Sales Director at Utimaco's


Martin Stange is Sales Director at Utimaco's business unit Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solutions (LIMS). Martin has more than 10 years experience in IT Security.

MSc CS, MPA, Digital Forensics & Security Specialist


MSc CS, MPA, NSA, Digital Forensics & Security  Specialist
After graduating from Turkish Military Academy with Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering, he worked for Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie in cybercrime and digital forensics fields for 15 years as a law enforcement officer, and retired as of February 2013.
During his 15-year career, he worked both as a law enforcement agency personnel and as a digital forensics expert witness in more than 3.500 Cybercrime and Digital Forensics cases. He is founder of first Cyber Crime Center and also Digital Forensics Unit in Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie. He personally dealt with incident response, e-discovery, electronic evidence seizing, lab analysis, and finally reporting to legal authorities.
In order to broaden his horizon in his profession, he finished two graduate programs; MSc CS in Selcuk University and MPA in Gazi University, with graduation projects of “a Study on Storage Media According to Digital Forensic Perspective”, and a thesis about “Sociological Analysis of Cybercrime” respectively.
In addition to educational endeavors, he also received national and international special courses and certificates such as Cyber Crime Investigator, Hi-Tech Crime Investigator, Digital Forensics Expert, NTFS Forensics Expert, Mobile Phone Forensics Expert, Cyber Terrorism Expert, Accessdata FTK Forensics Software Specialist, and i2 Analyst Notebook Expert.
He also lectured about “Cybercrimes” in Turkish Gendarmerie School Command, and about “Using technology to fight against organized crimes” in Turkish PfP Training Center.
In 2003, he made a presentation as the Turkish attendee at the “Combating Child Abuse on Internet: an International Response” meeting organized by the INTERPOL in Wilton Park, Wiston House, West Sussex, England.
In 2004, he made a presentation about “Cyber Crime and Computer Security” at FIEP’s (the European and Mediterranean Gendarmeries and Police Forces with Military Status) “New Technologies and Logistics Meeting” in Nantes, France .
Since 2006, he has been in expert lists of the Ankara Regional Criminal Courts as “Cybercrime Expert” and “Digital Forensics Specialist”.
In 2013 he gave «Computer Forensics, Network Forensics and Mobile Forensics» trainings for Abu Dhabi ve Dubai Police Agencies. He is also giving «Digital Forensics Trainings» at Middle East Technical University for NATO.
He is giving classes for «Incident Response and Digital Forensics Certification Programme» at Aydin University of Istanbul.
He is managing director of DIFOSE Digital Forensics Services LLC which provides professional digital forensics services and solutions to EMEA region.

Engin Büker
Intelligence Technologies Expert


Eric G. Kuczynski
Signals Defenses


Eric Kuczynski has been Director of Operations at Signals Defense for the past nine years, providing oversight for all of the company’s project work. Mr. Kuczynski brings more than thirteen years of experience in government, commercial and private contracting and management to Signals Defense. Mr. Kuczynski came to Signals Defense from the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, and holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University

Mark Ploszay
Komtas / IBM


With an Intelligence career spanning 30 years Mark Ploszay has a unique insight into the world of intelligence operations and analysis.  With 22 years experience as a United States Air Force Intelligence Analyst, Mark has worked in the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) arena as well as having experience in Counter-Terrorism (CT) and Counter-Insurgency (COINS) operations and a number of other areas. 

In addition he had the distinction of having certified as an Intelligence Analyst under the US National Security Agency Professionalization Programme and to have served as a Royal Air Force Duty Reporting Officer at a Joint Nation Fused Analysis and Reporting Centre.  Mark also served two tours of duty in the Gulf Region in 1991 (Desert Storm) and 1993 (Southern Watch).

 On the civilian law enforcement side of intelligence operations Mark worked for six years with the West Mercia Constabulary.  Two of those years as a Divisional Crime analyst and four years as a Crime Analyst for the West Mercia Major Investigation Unit primarily working on homicide investigations.

During the 3 years that he has been with IBM (i2) Mark has filled a number of roles, from i2 Trainer to MENA Defence Programme Manager to Global Defence Programme Manger and his current role as an IBM Global Defence, National Security and Law Enforcement Specialist (SME).

Mark has provided briefings, presentations and domain advice for a wide variety of audiences to include the U.S. Congress, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation, the Spanish Defence War College, the Chief of Portuguese Defence Forces Intelligence Centre,  the Director General Australian Defence Intelligence, the Spanish Defence Forces 1st Intelligence Regiment, the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers and the New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals conferences, the FBI National Academy Associates, the Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency and a number of other defence, national security, intelligence and law enforcement organisations.

Çağatay Yamak



Çağatay Yamak was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1979. He earned Bachelor’s degree in City & Regional Planning  and Master’s degree from Middle East Technical University, 2002 and 2006 respectively. So far, he has involved in many Remote sensing and GIS  related projects and has 10 years of experience in the Geospatial Intelligence sector. He started his career at World Wide Fund – Turkey as GIS & RS Expert in 2004. In the following year, he participated in “CORINE Landcover” project in order to construct a spatial database for the Ministry of Agriculture. Between 2005-2006, he worked as research assistant at Land Management Unit of Joint research Center of European Commission in Italy.  The study submitted to the Commission was about implementing “a nationwide approach for Forest Fire Risk mapping in Turkey”. Later on, he worked as Production and Application Specialist for 4 years at the first satellite receiving station and the biggest satellite image provider company of Turkey, Inta Spaceturk. He continued his professional career by working on various GIS related projects such as “Monitoring of natural catchment areas supplying water and illegal construction” and “Forest Type Mapping for Mediterranean Region in Turkey”. He works currently as project manager of large scale projects in Turkish Defense Industry at BITES Defense and Aerospace for 4 years. To name few but not all, his technical skills include ortorectification, color balancing, image classification, geospatial analysis and project management. He has a good command of English, has fair speaking and understanding skills in German and beginner level in Italian.

Faisal Habib



Faisal Habib - Manager - Director Engineering at AccessData

Faisal Habib provides a unique perspective and an unbiased approach towards Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Information Governance processes.For nearly fifteen years, Mr. Habib has enabled clients to mitigate risk and lower costs by improving processes with their computer foreniscs and eDiscovery endavours. Prior to joining Access Data, Mr. Habib was a senior solutions consultant for Regency Technology’s Information Governance & eDiscovery Practice; working with the top 10 Gartner-rated eDiscovery technologies and supporting F500 engagements across the United States.
Prior to Regency, Mr. Habib was the Senior Product Manager for EnCaseForensics and Enterpise Products at Guidance Software, Inc. in Pasadena. CA. Mr. Habib is a regular speaker at industry events in the US and Europe. Mr. Habib received his MS in Software Engineering from California State University and holds EnCE & ACE certifications.


Isaac Zaworski

CTO at Urban Robotics, Inc.


Arik Kasha


Arik is a veteran in the security industry since 1996. He's fulfilled many management positions with different security vendors, in a multinational environment.

Kevin Cresswell

Field Forensics


Kevin Cresswell runs the Los Angeles office of Field Forensics. He has over 26 years, proven operational experience in security, investigation, risk management, intelligence and counter terrorism.

Prior to the events of 9-11, Kevin was a Police Officer in the U.K, serving in a number of specialist positions and spending several years as a national instructor in multi disciplines including advanced elicitation techniques and dealing with terrorist incidents. He was commended on nine occasions including receiving a Royal Humane Society Award. He was a member of the elite Home Office National Counter Terrorism Training Team, specializing in the negotiation and resolution of hostage situations on board aircraft, ships and trains.
During his law enforcement service he was also a military reserve officer and served in many countries overseas and supported special operations training programs.

Post 9-11 he was serving in the middle east and then, in early 2002, he was activated full time into the British Military and served throughout the world as a high level intelligence briefer and foreign liaison officer. In 2003, while attached to the U.S DOD, he recruited and trained personal protection details and spearheaded HUMINT counterinsurgency and proliferation initiatives throughout Iraq including interviewing several Iraqi bomb makers.

He conducted security reviews of the Iraqi ports and assisted in the identification and recovery of Iraqi Naval IED’s. Upon his return to the U.K he became the UK Government’s maritime asymmetric threat expert. Then, working with the Royal Navy, he advised on maritime counter terrorism issues around the world. Kevin was instrumental in setting up the joint maritime asymmetric intelligence group and advised a number of allied nations on the threat; this included spending time in Sri- Lanka studying and advising on the LTTE.

Following a broad spectrum of training, liaison and intelligence issues, including provision of hostile environment training for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he left the military and moved into the corporate sector in North America where highlights included recruitment, selection, training and project management of a diplomatic protective detail on behalf of the U.S Department of State, advising and appearing in a documentary series on port security, hosting an International maritime terrorism conference and managing security for major events, 'A' list talent and heads of government.

He represented and advised Fortune 100 clients, including the major film studios on risk management issues overseas has worked extensively as security advisor and protector with high net worth and celebrity clients in the Film and TV industry, regularly technically advising and providing security on overseas production shoots.

Kevin holds degrees in communications and psychology, Theater arts and professional teaching qualifications. He is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television, the British American Business Council in Los Angeles, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, ASIS international, the International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals, the International Association of Close Protection Officers and the Project Management Institute.

H. Lawrence Cole



Lawrence has been affiliated with Ntrepid Corporation since 2007. Lawrence’s operational experience spans three decades in the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community, most notably as a USAF Master Instructor who taught networking, digital transmission systems, and electronics. For Ntrepid, he is responsible for business development, deploying and managing Ntrepid client solutions, and client training.

  Dan Botsch



Dan Botsch, President, TrapWire Inc.

As President and one of the founders of TrapWire, Dan brings three decades of experience in government and private sector positions focused on international security issues. Dan has extensive expertise in developing innovative technology solutions and services for the security market. Prior to founding TrapWire, Dan served as the Deputy Director of a Business Intelligence Group that monitored political, economic, security and market dynamics for a Global 100 energy company. Dan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Masters degree in International Affairs from Boston University.

Robert Lundy



Prior to joining Glimmerglass Optical Cyber Solutions, Robert was the co-founder and CEO of several early-stage ventures, including Opthos, Xtera and Wavtrace. Wavtrace, a leading supplier of millimeter wave broadband access systems, was acquired by Harris Corporation in 2000. Xtera operates today out of Dallas, Texas, as the leading supplier of ultra-long haul optical transmission systems. Robert also held executive positions at IBM, including heading the first wireless business unit as Director and General Manager, and pioneering IBM’s PCRadio and data over cellular businesses. Prior, he led product line management at ROLM/IBM for the flagship IBM 9750.

Education:  B.S. from West Point, an MS Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Rafet Öngöçmen


Kolluk görevlisi olarak 19 yıllık meslek hayatının 11 yılını Adli Bilişim Uzmanı ve Siber Suç Soruşturmaları ile geçirmiştir. Adli Bilişim alanında Ulusal ve Uluslararası düzeyde Computer Forensic, Mobil Forensic, Live Forensic, Malware Analizi gibi konularda 20’den fazla eğitim olarak 2004 yılından itibaren “Adli Bilişim Uzmanı” olarak görev yapmakta olup halen Ankara Üniversitesi Adli Bilimler Enstitüsünde “Adli Bilişim” alanında Yüksek Lisans Eğitimine devam etmektedir.

Computer Forensics Specialist

Manohar Kumar Katoch



Mr. Manohar Katoch is Associate Vice President (Global Sales) at ClearTrail Technologies. He is one of the founding members of the company and has been associated with ClearTrail for last 13 years. During his tenure with ClearTrail he has travelled to more than 25 countries and shared deep insights with LEAs for addressing lawful interception challenges.

He has unparalleled experience, expertise and an unrivaled vision for the LI domain, which is evidently reflected in ClearTrail’s path-breaking communication monitoring solutions suite. Manohar has been extensively referred on highly respected LI forums worldwide and has contributed in more than one way to the growth of ClearTrail and the LI industry as a whole.